Home construction challenges

We will review some of the challenges and solutions to some tricky home construction projects.

Project Management: Top Five Challenges Facing Home Construction Projects (And How to Solve Them!) 

There are many possible issues in the life of a home construction project. Project managers (PM) are responsible for keeping the site running smoothly, safely, on budget, and within schedule. Like any other job, construction management also comes with its fair share of challenges.

The challenges that project managers face arise from the uniqueness of each project. Stakeholders in the project might have differing interests and views that often clash along the way. Also, some issues come from outside the project, such as government directives and weather uncertainties.

In order to ensure the project is a success, every construction manager needs to be ready to face both foreseen and unforeseen challenges. Below are some of the most common issues a project manager can expect to face.

Poorly Defined Goals

One of the biggest issues in construction project management is undefined or poorly defined objectives. Sometimes, project stakeholders don’t know what they want. Other times, they are at loggerheads. When the objectives aren’t clear to the project manager, it becomes challenging to direct the project.

Solution: Project managers can help avoid this by continually asking direct questions to the relevant stakeholders. Communication is the end game in any successful project. And even though a lack of defined objectives is a significant issue in the construction sector, it can also be avoided.

Scope Changes

Also referred to as “scope creep,” this defines the extension of the scope beyond the original project goals. Since these changes come unexpectedly, they usually cause unnecessary delays or cost money that isn’t listed in the budget.

Solution: It is up to the project manager to assess change requests and decide whether to implement them. A good PM then communicates to all the stakeholders the kind of effect the change will have on the budget or schedule.

Lack of Accountability

Another issue that creates problems in construction project management is lack of accountability. Unfortunately, everyone wants accountability, but only a few team members have it.

Solution: A project manager has to make sure the construction team is accountable throughout their daily tasks. If the members aren’t taking responsibility for their faults, activities, and goals, then the PM should offer the leadership to herd the team towards the project’s objectives.

Unrealistic Expectations

Impossible expectations can lead to loss of productivity and unrealistic “initial” deadlines. In other cases, team members won’t meet the deadline regardless of their high productivity. 

Solution: As the project manager, it is crucial to address unreasonable requests and negotiate more realistic milestones. 

Inadequate Risk Management

Risk management is part of the job description of a construction PM. More often than not, projects don’t go as planned, so risk tolerance is one of the key project management issues that managers face. These risks can be hidden flaws in the initial project plan, fluctuations in the cost of building materials, or other unknown facts that can hamper the project’s success.

Solution: To avoid shortcomings of risk management, the PM needs to collect input, cultivate trust among trust members, and have a good idea which levels of the project are likely to veer off schedule.

Wrapping Up

Construction project management is not what it seems like. It’s a skill that takes time, patience, and tolerance to perfect. Above all, it requires any project manager to not only analyze setbacks but also look for sustainable solutions.